8 Substitutes Ghanaians Will Call You Instead Of Using Your Real Name

Photo by Timothy Nkwasibwe from Pexels

Ghanaians are very polite people. Everyone knows this. But sometimes that politeness shows itself in the weirdest of ways. I’m talking about ‘sorry for the left’ and the fact that we can’t just be straightforward and call people by their names. Instead, we come up with a whole host of different titles to call people by.

1. Chairman

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Imagine being unemployed and your boys insist on calling you, chairman. What kind of pressure kraa is that?

2. My Friend


‘My friend’ can be the funniest thing people can use to call you. It’s especially ironic when a lecturer is blasting you so much that you can feel your tummy begin to ache, and then he ends with ‘my friend.’ IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT YOUR FRIENDS?

3. Senior


Senior is another one of those ironic titles on this list. The person you’re talking to is younger than you, but you want to call them senior. Do you even respect Queen Elizabeth?

4. Bro

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama fist bump meme

‘Bro’ doesn’t get a rant because honestly, gender-neutral ‘bro’ is the most wholesome thing ever.

5. Sis

Ah, ‘sis.’ ‘Sis’ comes out wherever there are women supporting women. And that usually means women hyping other women up underneath comments and pictures.

6. Boss

Image of a meme via memes.zikoko.com

Boss is one of the more popular titles that Ghanaians use a lot. If you’re sufficiently dressed up and you go out, there’s no way you’re coming back home without getting one or two people calling you ‘boss.’

7. Chief

African hat/cap meme

With the number of people called Nii, Naa and Nana in Accra, Chief usually isn’t that big of a miss.

8. Champion

Image via memes.zikoko.com

‘Champion’ is still very funny, but you know this started from a man lifting another man up. Wholesome.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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