5 Reasons Why You Should Be On LinkedIn If You’re Still In Uni

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In Ghana, we have that saying, ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.’ And that sentiment is the reason why some students aren’t optimistic about the job market after school, because they don’t believe they know the right people. That’s where LinkedIn comes in. Getting to know the right people doesn’t mean going on LinkedIn and expecting to be handed a job. Instead, there are ways to make use of the platform while you’re in school to better yourself on the job market after school.

You Can Build A Strong Network Of Professional Contacts

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Who you know does matter in landing a job. Once you’re on LinkedIn, you can start by connecting with your mates, and your university lecturers. Then you can connect with other people in the field you’re aiming for. The more connections that you have (the bigger your network) the more likely you are to be referred for a role. Not to mention, having access to people with experience doing what you want to do is invaluable.

You Can Get Personalized Job Alerts

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Another great thing about LinkedIn is that you can program the job alerts that you receive on the platform. You can choose to limit job alerts to a specific role or industry and you’ll only receive notifications for jobs that pass through your filters. It’s a great way to find an internship or even your first job after school.

LinkedIn Is Good For SEO

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SEO is more important these days than it’s ever been. When you Google yourself, what comes up? If you can’t find yourself in the results, LinkedIn can definitely help with that. Just creating your profile and filling out your details will allow companies to find the most professional result when they look up your name.

LinkedIn Is Good For Researching Companies

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One habit you should build, even as a student, is to do research on companies that you’re applying to or being interviewed at. LinkedIn makes this super easy because you get to put faces to the names of the people at the company. You can see who HR is (who you’ll likely be talking to for your interview) and even see the people who could potentially be your coworkers.

It Proves How Serious You Are

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As useful as a LinkedIn profile is, it’s also good simply making an impression. How many fresh graduates do you think are including a link to their LinkedIn page on their CV? Having a LinkedIn profile with a summary that specifies what field you want to go in and connecting with people in that field will make you more attractive to employers.

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