5 Beautiful Men In The Ghanaian Movie Industry That Women Can’t Get Enough Of

The Ghanaian movie industry has got some of the most handsome personalities in there. Over the years, these people have cemented their names in the industry and have provided us with back to back content when it comes to movies. Apart from that, we are a 100% sure that they’ve broken hearts as well as their good looks have attracted a lot of ladies into their camp. In no particular order, here are 5 beautiful men ladies love in the Ghanaian movie industry.

1. Chris Attoh

Image via chrisattoh on Instagram

Look at that dark chocolate of a specimen! Chris has that bad boy aura around him. He’s that guy whom you can’t really trust because he’s fine and he knows it through and through and will bask in the attention he gets because of it.

2. Van Vicker

Image via iam_vanvicker on Instagram

First things first, we stan a man who values his education. That’s a huge bonus for us because man cannot live by their looks alone. Van Vicker is 44 years but does not look a day over 27. He calls himself the young godfather and we have no complaints. At all.

3. Majid Michel

Image via majidmichelmm on Instagram

Even though he currently doesn’t act as much anymore, Majid Michel will forever be our baby boy (man🌚). Majid is the whole package, beautiful complexion and handsome man. He has great genes as well. Look at his kids!

4. John Dumelo

Image via johndumelo1 on Instagram

We know John is married with a kid but we don’t care. He’s handsome and we were sad he was taken off the market in 2019 but he still deserves his place on our list.

5. James Gardiner

Image via jamesgardinergh on Instagram

James is one fine man with beard that connects. He’s always minding his businesses that pay him which is an attractive feature because for some reason, almost everyone wants to be involved in one type of controversy or another. We love a handsome king who is focused on his bag. Look at his smile! 😩

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