The Matrix Resurrection Trailer Has Got The Online Chatter Going

Keanu Reeves shooting 'The Matrix Resurrection'. Photo credit: Reuters

We detected a glitch in the MATRIX and we know the person to help repair it… Everybody’s darling actor Keanu Reeves is back in the MATRIX as Neo for the upcoming sequel to the MATRIX movies.

This December, the fourth instalment of the Matrix franchise will be released for a worldwide audience called ‘The Matrix Resurrections’

Since the first instalment of the franchise was released back in 1999, fans have followed the story of Thomas Anderson, played by Keanu Reeves as he lives a double life as an office drone by day and hacker called Neo by night.

After three different release date announcements, December 22, 2021 is now the final release date for the movie. The streaming platform, HBO Max has also released a trailer of the fourth Matrix movie and it’s awesome.

Since the trailer hit the internet, people just can’t keep quiet about it.

  1. It is… it is

2. That Neo and Trinity love is goals

3. No doubt about it.

4. Ours did too.

5. Already counting down days, weeks and months.

6. Good idea… good idea.

7. Can’t wait.

8. It better be.

9. This drip doesn’t drop

10. Adding it to our playlist.

By the way, if you were in Neo’s shoes, which pill would you take? The red or the blue pill?


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