5 Things To Do When She Doesn’t Text You Back

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One of the most exciting phases of meeting people is when you finally start texting. If you click and you find them funny, you start to look forward to texts from them and things feel amazing because of the newness of it all. And then the other shoe drops. They stop texting you back. Don’t panic, here’s what to do when she leaves you on read.

Give Her A Day To Respond

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Believe it or not, sometimes it’s not even about you. Or maybe it is. Either way, flooding her phone with text messages won’t make her reply any faster. Just give her some space, take a day, and then reach out again.

Don’t Bring It Up

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When things are still early, asking why she didn’t text you back or even getting mad about it is just going to make things awkward. Instead, start the conversation off on fresh footing and keep things light and fun.

Don’t Wait Too Long To Text Again

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If you’ve somehow deluded yourself into thinking you’ll get her to text you by not texting her first, then do you even know Ghanaian women? Give her some space if she leaves you on read, but do text back after two or three days.

Don’t Rush To Make Plans

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If she aired you after you asked to make plans, then she’s definitely not ready to commit to a date. Avoid trying to set up another date immediately or you might get left on read again.

Take The Hint

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If she’s left you on read repeatedly, then it’s not the craziest thing to think that she’s just not interested. If she’s unable to tell you directly, taking the hint will help avoid a lot of discomfort on both ends.

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