5 Saturday Foods That Make The Day Better

There are some foods that automatically make your Saturdays better. They’re perfect and they suit the day very well. On any other day, they may not hit as well as they should. These “Saturday foods” are best eaten on days like today. Saturday.

1. Koko and Koose/boflot

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You know when you wake up extremely hungry after you ate so much on Friday night? Koko will make everything better. You get it early in the morning so you can have the energy to do your Saturday chores and up-and-downs.

2. Waakye

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Saturday waakye Always. Hits. Different! It tastes even better when you spent your whole morning cleaning and washing and doing everything that needs to be done and so by 11 am or 12 pm, you’re very hungry. It’s better to buy it ahead of time though before it finishes.

3. Beans and plantain

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Beans and plantain is perfect for Saturdays because the total knock-out you’ll experience after eating it cannot be explained. If you’ve had a long week, eat beans around 12 and sleep! By the evening, you’ll be very fine.

4. Kenkey

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Eating kenkey on a weekday just doesn’t gif right like eating in it during the weekend. Kenkey is perfect fir Saturdays too because by the time you’re done eating, “Na way3 fine”.

5. Fufu

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We saved the best for last. Whether you decide to eat it as breakfast, lunch or supper, fufu is perfect for the weekend. A bottle of beer before taking the meal will have you set for the rest of the day.

Which of these do you like to eat in a Saturday? Let us know in the comments.

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Featured Image via roadsandkingdoms.com


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