This Is The Story Of How I Started A Side Hustle As A Middle Man, Selling Phones

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Starting a side hustle while you’re in school and actually being able to make bank is the dream for most of us. However, if you’ve ever tried, you know that it’s not exactly easy to get to that point. Unless of course, you have the perfect system like Hakeem (that’s not his real name because he would prefer to stay anonymous. So it’s just Hakeem for the duration of this article), and then you can make some money without investing anything but your time.

It All Started On Tonaton

According to Hakeem, he currently makes an average of GHC1,000 to GHC1,500 a month. This money all comes in from social media and although he’s working now it’s still incredible to have an additional source of income. Even back when he was in school and wasn’t making as much, having a side hustle still made all the difference to Hakeem. And it all started on Tonaton.

When Hakeem was in level 200, he saved up enough money to get a new phone. He thought a good place to find a good phone that wasn’t as expensive as a brand-new one was on Tonaton. Soon, he found what he was looking for from a verified vendor on the website. When Hakeem went to pick up his phone, he realized that the vendor was actually a refurbished phone shop that uploaded their entire inventory to Tonaton. They gave a warranty on their phones, and as long as you were in the shop you could play around with the other phones.

And that’s when Hakeem had the idea for his side hustle. He was allowed to photograph the phones at the shop, and then he started posting those photos on his WhatsApp status with the prices of the phones (plus his profit). Then whenever someone liked one of the phones, he would arrange a meeting at the shop and handle the transaction. Once the person left the shop, he would take his cut and then pay for the phone at a price he had already bargained down to.

Whenever You’re Selling, Networking Skills Are Important

According to Hakeem, his business model works because he connects with people. It’s not every day that he’s trying to sell someone something. He tries to form genuine connections, and then those people come and buy from him when they’re looking for a new phone because the relationship is already there.



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