This Hack Will Let You Be In Two Places At Once In Your Tik Tok Video

Photo by Derek Dolro from Pexels

There are many cool effects that you can explore as a Tik Tok creator. And a lot of these effects, you wouldn’t believe are possible to make using nothing but your phone. One of those effects is the clone effect you see in the movies; when one character is on screen in two different places. It’s a mind-blowing effect that you can do right now with just the Videoleap Editor from the App Store or Play Store.

The cloning effect works by taking two separate videos and putting them side by side. That means there’s a video on the left, and there’s a video on the right, and you’re in both of them. The trick is making it all look like one coherent video. And here’s how to do that.

Here’s a sample of the effect we’re going to be recreating!

Step one: Set up your camera. You want a single camera angle for both of your videos so that the video on the left looks exactly like the one on the right, with the only difference being what you’re doing in each shot.

Step two: Record your videos. Before you record your videos, check to see what’s showing in your camera. Find the halfway point of the video feed, make sure that you stay on the left side of the screen for the first video, and stay on the right side of the screen for your second video.

Step three: Open Video Leap and add your videos. In Video Leap, adding a video is as easy as just hitting the plus button.

Step four: Put your videos in different layers by pressing and holding one of the videos. Now make sure that the videos are synced by dragging both of them to the start of their layers. Then, select a video by clicking on its thumbnail.

Step five: From the effects choose a mask, and then select linear. A horizontal line will appear on your screen. Twist to turn it vertical and place it in the center of your screen.

And that’s it. You’ve just done the clone effect. If you’re confused about any part of the tutorial, here’s a video you can watch to see the effect made.



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