The Extremely Easy Way You Can Get Questionnaires Filled On Campus

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Questionnaires are annoying to fill out for school projects, especially when you have upwards of 100 or even more to fill out. And filling out the questionnaires yourself shouldn’t be an option either because you’re going to get caught. Luckily there are other different hacks that you can use to get your questionnaires filled out much easier on campus.

Use Google Forms

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With Google forms, you don’t even need to create an account. Just log in with your Google account and choose from the list of templates to get started. You can also make your own form from scratch and you can see all the responses you’re getting in real-time. Another amazing thing is that you can automatically collect your responses into excel for interpretation. Just create a form and share it through the internet and your social media.

Remove Non-Essential Questions

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The longer your form is, the less likely people are going to be to want to fill it out. If you’re wondering whether or not a question should be on your questionnaire, then it probably shouldn’t be. Keep only the questions that are essential to answer your research question and if it’s short enough, taking it might even be fun.

Tell People Why Your Research Is Exciting

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If you explain to people what you’re trying to find out through your research, you’re more likely to get them invested in the project (and filling out your questionnaire). If you aren’t feeling too excited about your work, talk about how it’s stressing you out. In either case, the emotional connection is more likely to get people interested in answering your questionnaire.



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