Hawa Alidu: The UEW Student Who’s The Brain Behind The First Ever Muslim Pageant In Ghana

Hawa Alidu

Her name is Hawa Alidu but we all know her to be Hajia Cruiz, a final year student in the department of Arts Education; she was the former Women Commissioner during the 2019/2020 academic year.

For the past years, she has done so well in many sectors and we deemed it right to acknowledge her hard work.

Hajia cruiz is a great entrepreneur who started very small with the selling of ‘sobolo’ in her hostel when she was in level 100. Fast forward, she won the elections and became WOCOM for UEW, and with this portfolio, she did a lot of humanitarian works and also made sure young ladies on campus are empowered by organizing seminars and workshops for Women on campus.

Hawa Alidu

Hajia decided to support young women coming up in all sectors and empower them to keep pushing with this motive she started the SHE ESSENCE AWARDS. This is the only award scheme in UEW that celebrates the vision and dreams of young women on campus.

She later won the MISS PEACE AMBASSADOR pageant and then become an ambassador for Verna water Ghana.

Hajia didn’t end there; she has now started her own modesty pageant with the aim of proving that being modest or dressing modestly is still beautiful.

The name of the Pageant is MISS MUSLIMAH GHANA, and she’s done the premier edition with the second edition is coming up this year, and by records, we know this is the first ever Muslim Pageant in Ghana.

She’s done so well and she deserve all the accolades and praises.

Hajia Cruize, Kuulpeeps UEW is very proud of you for all that you’ve achieved for yourself.

source: kuulpeeps.com

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