5 Truths About The Modelling Industry In Ghana You Need To Know About

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The Ghanaian modelling industry is not an easy one to endure. People who go into the modelling industry just because they think they are tall or slim end up quitting along the way because usually, there is no passion involved and once the money isn’t coming or it isn’t as lucrative as they thought it would be, they just quit.

Before entering the industry, here are 5 truths you should know about.

1. It is underpaid

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Ask any model you know. If you think you can earn a lot as a young start-up model in Ghana, you’re mistaken. You would have to pour a lot of time, effort and money into investing in yourself. If you want to be noticed and finally start earning more, you would have to push yourself. Go to model castings, collaborate with good photographers and get a good agency to represent you and be on the lookout for you. Until you push yourself and be unforgettable, there’s no way you’ll grow in the industry.

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2. Social media will open doors for you

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Once you’re on the radar of photographers and they want to shoot you, you can build your portfolio and increase your relevance in the community. In all of this, you need to be approachable, punctual and have a generally good attitude so nobody badmouths you. Photographers talk to each other a lot and so if you are none of these things, nobody would want to work with you.

3. You will have to hold on to your values

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You will get propositions from people but you need to keep your values. There’s no reason why you should go and do things you’re uncomfortable with just because you want to be a model. Draw the line when someone is doing something you don’t like. Speak up.

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4. Eating disorders

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In Ghana, everyone can be a model. However, if you want to be an international one, you would need to control what you eat and when because they usually want their models a certain size. A lot of models have restrictive diets just to maintain their weight and these diets are usually not necessarily balanced. A large number of them are also anorexic.

5. Almost every model has a side hustle

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Usually, they’re in school or they have a full or part-time job or do some ushering on the side. They’re always on the move looking for extra income because there is no assurance that you’re going to get a particular job and even if you do, the money may barely cover transportation costs.

If you really want to be a model, you’ll need to sit down and take these points into consideration and see how you can work around them.

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