3 Side Hustles That You Can Do From Home And Earn Some Money During The Long Vac

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Most of us would rather spend our long vacs making some money instead of losing it on data all the time. The big problem, of course, is how do you even make money when you’re just home during the long vac. Well, here you go. These are some side hustle ideas that you can use to make money during the long vacation.

Sell An Online Course

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These days it’s not too difficult so make some money online. In fact, using services like Gumroad you can easily make and sell a course. Are you a whiz at managing your personal finances or even have experience growing a social media account? Then you can make pdf that teaches people to do the same and sell it on Gumroad.

Manage Social Media For A Business

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If you have experience building and managing an audience on social media, you can reach out to businesses and offer to the same for the them. Social media is one of the main marketing outlets for businesses these days and being good at it is a marketable skill.

Work As An Influencer

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One way to capitalize on your social media following is by working as an influencer. This would involve bringing brands’ products to your audience and trying to drive up their sales. If you’re interested in doing influencer work but aren’t too sure where to start, you can sign up for Influencer Africa.

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