Jeermain’s ‘August Might Be Fun’: A Body Of Art And Ghanaian Love


It isn’t all the time that good music comes to us and puts us in our feelings as much as it does, but there’s no denying that when those rare times come, we all gravitate towards it a lot more than we’d like to.

On August 21st 2021, the Ghanaian music sensation and overall melodic heartthrob known by all as Jeermain released his 12 track debut album titled August Might Be Fun, and spoiler alert, August was most definitely the most fun month of the year thanks to this album.


Thematically, August Might Be Fun is an album that oozes with love from the perspective of a Ghanaian, with its overall contemporary flow and beautiful instrumentals. Sonically, Jeermain went all out in the release of this body of art, because not only does he have absolute control over his pitches and tones on every record, but he tells stories that are brimming with romance and will certainly pull at your heartstrings.

The predominantly jazz style he took on this album gives it this unmatched calmness but screams of undying love for another, and he’s done a stand-up job at making all who listen feel the exact same way because of his ability to have you hooked on every note.

Whether he’s begging on his knees for the love he deserves with his song Stay or he tells you how he wants it with I Like It, August Might Be Fun is an applaudable combination of sultry music and more than vivid scenes of love and romance.

Jeermain truly is a master of the craft, for he’s no stranger at hitting you with the occasional bars in all his records. Not a single compromise was made in the production of this album, and his team at Two Sides Entertainment made sure that the very essence of the album is felt by all.

From the lilting notes, Jeermain more than effortlessly brings in every track to the groovy nature of August Might Be Fun, Jeermain has easily become the most talked-about figure in music, and we just cannot wait to hear more and more of what this musical prodigy has to offer.

August Might Be Fun is available to stream and download on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer or whichever streaming service of your preference. Bless your ears and your playlists with this impeccable release from Jeermain, and best believe that there is a whole lot more for all of his supporters, old and new.


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