Common Problems You’ll Have With Your Laptop That You Can Probably Fix Yourself

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When you’re in the university, the absolute worst thing that can happen is running into trouble with your laptop. Suddenly, you don’t have access to the 20 gigs of movies that you just went to copy from your friend. And then there’s the other stuff too; like that essay, you hadn’t even finished yet and all your course material. Luckily, most of the problems you’ll have with your laptop, you can fix by yourself.

The Universal Solution

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You would be very surprised at the number of laptop problems you can fix just by turning your laptop off and then on. If you’re having minor software trouble, chances are that it can be fixed with a hard reset. All that takes is you pressing and holding down your power button for about a minute (making sure that the laptop is completely dead) and then turning it back on.

When There’s A Key Loose On Your Keyboard

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When you have a key loose on your keyboard, the obvious solution is to just glue it back on. And while that’s what you need to do, just spraying glue around without discretion will only make things worse. You could end up with a key that gets stuck whenever you hit it, which might make the laptop unusable or a key that works fine but has no bounce.

In order to apply the glue with the accuracy that you need and to make sure that you don’t get it anywhere else, you can use a cotton bud to apply the glue. And with ‘Super Glue,’ a little goes a long way.

When You Just Can’t Find The Available Wi-Fi Networks

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If you’re on a Windows PC, there are going to be times when you just can’t scan the available wi-fi networks. Although you know that there are networks available, your computer just can’t seem to find them. You can restart your laptop and that’ll work, but there’s also a simple solution that you can use that doesn’t involve turning off your computer at all.

Right-click on the wi-fi button and select the ‘troubleshooter’ from the list of options. That should open up your computer’s troubleshooter (which is just jargon for an app that scans your computer and fixes problems all by itself). Now, you just wait and any problem you’re having with your wi-fi will be fixed.



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