5 People Talk About The Time They Almost Got Caught Cheating

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First things first, we want you to know that we don’t support cheating partners in any way. We asked you guys about your cheating experiences and some of you sent in your thoughts.

1. Bernice, 26 years

I remember that I was in level 200. I thought I had come on top and so I had a boyfriend and a side. That particular day, my boyfriend was off campus and he was coming around later in the evening and so I called my side over. We had done the basics; touching, kissing and stuff but just as we were about to really “do the do”, we heard a knock. We had to stop everything and get dressed up. I asked my side to sit by my roomie’s bed just in case and that was what saved me. When I opened the door, my boyfriend was the one there. When he entered, he asked who the other guy was and I told him he was my roomie’s friend. My side understood the assignment and later got up and left saying that I should tell my roomie that he came around. That was the last time I attempted to do anything like that in my room.

2. Josh, 25 years

I wasn’t almost caught cheating by my partner but I was almost caught by random people. We were trying to be adventurous in our hostel. It was dawn, around 2 am and I was with this girl I had started talking to even though I had a girlfriend. We thought no one would be awake around that time and so we started doing things. Just when things were getting heated, we heard people coming in our direction. Immediately we stopped, there they were at the base of the stairs. I’m sure they saw us because it was a split second. Needless to say, the mood was spoilt afterwards because she started feeling self-conscious and we couldn’t do anything in my room because the boys were there.

3. Eva, 24 years

I wasn’t really “caught cheating” per se. I told him myself. In level 300 I was dating my TA. He was almost always busy and so I sort of found solace in my study partner. One day after studying, we were talking about random stuff when the conversation someway somehow became sexual. We kissed and I felt really terrible about it. I told my TA boyfriend about it and he was hurt. We broke up and at the end of the semester, my study partner and I got D’s in that course. Nobody needed to tell us why we got that grade and I wasn’t ready to go and talk to the TA. It wasn’t a resit so I was good.

4. Joojo, 23 years

My baby girl suspected I was cheating on her but I kept telling her to trust me. I was seeing one other girl but it was just for fun; nothing serious and so I didn’t want to lose my relationship because of that. One day the girl texted “babe” while my girlfriend was holding my phone. My girl was suspicious and so she opened the message. What saved me was the fact that I kept deleting our messages so she saw just the harmless ones. I had to convince my girlfriend that she was just a friend; nothing more, nothing less. It took weeks for her to let it go.

5. Bismark, 24 years

My girlfriend came over and wanted to use the washroom. She immediately came out and asked why there was a used condom there. I had to think fast and blame it on my roomie even though it was mine. She bought the lie and we ended that convo.

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