The 7 Key Things In A 2021 Ghanaian Fuckboy Starter Pack


We all know this type of guy. The one who doesn’t respect women, who thinks money can give him any lady and is always caught cheating. He’s distant, doesn’t care about other people’s time, and won’t commit. He’s self-absorbed, does stupid things, and fucks with others’ emotions.

You’ve either had an encounter with this person or have heard something he’s done to someone before. Either way, you should know them even before they approach you and so here’s the 2021 Ghanaian fuckboy starter pack.

1. They like to wear sweatpants

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Yes sweatpants! They want to be comfortable enough to focus on you and feed you with their unending lies. Also, they want you to lose focus and be blushing because they know a part of their body is drawn and you’ll have no option than to be stealing glances at the lower part of their body. After all, a smart girl like you can smell their bullshit from afar and so they need a strategy to counter that. Stay woke baby girls.

2. White socks + Slides are M.O

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You better run when you see a guy wearing this. It means he’s too chill. He doesn’t have problems in life and we all know everyone should have some 1 or 2 things stressing them on the daily.

3. Strange Haircuts

There are the regular haircuts and then there are those haircuts that you see and question. Fuck boys like the attention they get and what better way can they get your attention than to get a haircut that will make you look at them twice. It doesn’t matter if it’s weird or not. We won’t talk much. Just look at the image below and try explaining what is going on.

Intricate Ideas To Spice Up Your Fuckboy Haircut |
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4. They’re handsome

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A lot of you know this but you hate to admit it to yourselves. If he’s handsome, he’s for the streets. We don’t make the rules over here.

5. He’s probably light-skinned

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If you think you’re the only person dating your fair boyfriend de33 nawa for you oh! Fair people automatically assume they’re fine and so they work with it. It is who they are. You can’t change them.

6. Always sends “so when are you coming to see me?”

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Nobody should explain this point to you. If you know, you know.

7. They always want to text on Snapchat

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So that the evidence will disappear. You know them. Advise yourself and create a barrier.

Based on our list, how many fuckboys have you come across?


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