#MediaMustAnswer: A Youth-Led Skating Project Was Demolished Due To False Reports

Artistic Impression of the planned Skate Park. Photo credit: Cephyo/Twitter

Young Ghanaians keep trying to make something better for themselves despite the challenging socio-economic environment we find ourselves in.

The sheer amount of ingenuity of the Ghanaian youth is what helps them to find opportunity even when the system is gamed against them.

The young Ghanaian is also accustomed to not getting what they ask for from their elected officials and people who occupy places of power.

That is why they often elect to do this for themselves because they know nobody will.

A group of young Ghanaians who love to skate came together to fund and create a space for themselves and others who love to skate.

They secured a permit to construct a skate park beneath the Mile 7 Overhead.

However, their construction was wrongly reported by the media as a group of people erecting shops. The wrong media report set off a chain of events that resulted in the local assembly sending people to the site to demolish everything they had built.

Now, young people are raising their voices in unison to call for justice for the young people whose hard work has gone down the drain.

The young people are first asking for the media house to do what’s right and acknowledge that it report a story that was not thoroughly investigated.

Others have also urged them to take on the local assembly for demolishing their project which they clearly had a permit to undertake.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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