4 Affordable Gadgets You Can Use To Create The Perfect Vlogging Set-up

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As video becomes more and popular, there are many creative new ways in which it’s being made and put out. While some people might prefer creating fun and playful Tik Tok videos, others prefer creating more personal content by Vlogging. Unlike with Reels and Tik Toks though, your Vlogs can instantly be made better by getting some of these affordable gadgets.

Getting A Camcorder Makes Things More Convenient

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Camcorders are perfect for Vlogging because they have long-lasting batteries and you can just open it up and start shooting. They’re also fairly expensive (you could get one for around GHC200 here) so if you’ve got a good phone, there’s also the option of just shooting on your phone.

A Mic Makes Things Sound Super Clear

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When you’re making a Vlog, you’re usually going to be talking to your audience, or having conversations that you want them to pick up on. And that means you’ll want good sound quality. Getting a clip-on mic can be a game-changer in that case. And it only costs GHC50 here.

A Selfie Stick

Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile from Pexels

If you’re Vlogging on your phone and you want to capture moments when you’re being a bit active and moving around, then a selfie stick makes a lot of sense. The angles are just better, compared to holding your phone out at arm’s length. Here’s a really cool one that you should check out at only GHC56.

A Tripod

Photo by Miriam Alonso from Pexels

Finally, using a tripod can give you those stable shots that you want when you have to monologue or talk into the camera. Sure, you could put your phone against a book on your desk, but why settle for a trash angle when you could have several options with a tripod? Here’s an affordable tripod (GHC56) to give you that stability in your Vlog.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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