Why, And How To Pick A Free Elective If You’re In Legon

When you enter the university, specifically the University of Ghana, you have access to the MIS web portal where you can keep track of your GPA … among other things. If your course happens to be a tough one or you’ve just had a bad semester and your GPA isn’t doing so well, there’s a hack that you can use to get your grades up. Just take a free elective.

Why Should You Take On The Workload?

If you’re already struggling with your course, you might not think an additional elective is the best idea. Here’s why it is. Free electives are optional, and you get to choose the course. Even more than being interesting, free electives are supposed to be easy courses that will help you get your GPA up. If you want to know which courses are easy, ask your seniors and get their opinions. The sports secretariat usually offers some of the best free electives to get your GPA up.

Next, Audit Some Classes

Once you’ve settled on the fact that you’re actually going to take a free elective, you need to decide which one is going to be the best one. You should talk to other people and get opinions on the courses that you’re interested in. Going a step further, you can also audit classes that you’re interested in. That means waiting to register for the free elective until you’ve actually sat in the class. If the class is big enough, you can just walk in and you won’t be noticed. If it isn’t though, talk to the lecturer before the class to make sure that they’re not surprised by an unfamiliar face. Then if it’s something you feel you

Register For The Course

You can usually find all elective courses in the add and drop section of your MIS web portal. However, before you add your desired elective to your registration for the semester, make sure you’ve cleared it with your college’s academic office to avoid any issues. Once you’re cleared, you can go ahead and take that course, and get on the right track to getting your GPA up.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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