Nana Asomani: The Photographer Who Creates Surrealistic Works That Capture The Ghanaian Experience

Nana Ofori-Atta Asomani (image via Nana Asomani)

All great photographers carved a niche for themselves through the unique works they produce.

For Nana Ofori-Atta Asomani, he is building a brand that will be known for capturing unbelievable images that represent the true Ghanaian experience.

Photography has been part of Nana Asomani’s life since his early teens. He started off by capturing his immediate environment and himself to practice his interest.

Nana Ofori-Atta Asomani (image via Nana Asomani)

“My images were described as non-conventional by friends and family thus directed the path of photography I am doing now,” he told Kuulpeeps.

“The driving force for this direction in photography was the fact that I kept seeing more of the same type of images. When I researched more, the type of images presented me with a different narrative than I was used to and were foreign to my culture, so I decided to present my own unique perspective influenced by my surroundings,” he added.

Nana Asomani considered photography a hobby from 2011 until 2018 when he decided to take a serious interest in it.

Interestingly, the 23-year-old Ashesi alumnus does most of his shoots with his mobile phone.

“I shoot with my phone primarily although once in a while I do get the chance to use a DSLR,” he said. “I don’t want to limit my creativity to a tool… As time goes on, if I get the chance to own a camera I won’t hesitate.”

As a naturally reserved person, photography presents Nana Asomani with the medium to express my unique perspective of the world without verbally stating it.

He is, however, inspired by his environment; namely the weather, music, people, flora, fauna, and others. For him, inspiration for the kinds of work he creates can come from anywhere, and therefore, does not limit himself.

His ability to be open-minded also allows him to be very observant which he applies to his creative process.

“Every shoot, every project, every set I have worked on is different in its own way. There are some experiences that cut across board but the time frame, the people involved, the resources used might not be the same and this gives me the chance to learn something new all the time. Every shoot is exciting to me to be very honest,” he said.

Aside from his environment, Nana Asomani also gets inspiration from other upcoming photographers and creatives. However, the photographer who has greatly influenced his work is Thompson S. Ekong, one of Nigeria’s top creative photographers.

It is Nana Asomani’s goal, however, to work in the music and fashion scene. “Working on bigger projects with bigger brands and personalities and much more resources available at my disposal is one thing I am looking forward to.”

With that in mind, he is currently focusing on the music industry. So far, he has worked with a number of upcoming acts and established ones including, Black Sheriff, Kayso, Yung D3mz, Dj Krept, Asi and others. He has also worked with some fashion brands which includes Tribe of God and Safi label.

“The goal is to improve myself every step of the way. My only competition is myself because life itself is not a race but a journey. So, let’s say in 5 years’ time if I can look back and see growth in my craft, that will encourage me to take on the years ahead of me with much more purpose because in life you never stop learning or growing,” Nana Asomani said.


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