BBNaija: Don’t Mess With An Angel, Botega In The Gutters

Boma and Tega (image via BBNaija)

When Boma was busy touting his achievements in the house and slut-shaming Angel, least did he know the achievements were not catapulting into votes and the Angels had aligned in favour of an ‘Angel’ in the house.

Before the Boma and Tega ship aka Botega, could take off, BBNaija fans said “na lie” we won’t tolerate any arrogance and abomination in the house. Sharply, with speed and alacrity, fans have made sure Botega continues their so-called script outside the house. The ship has now sunk completely, mission aborted!

Boma and Tega (image via BBNaija)

But wait, Tega said she misses her husband ooo, eeeiii. After all the ‘skopatumana’ with Boma under the sheets and in the executive lounge…?? ah well, we just hope Tega’s inlaws have not packed her things yet neither have they readied the divorce papers awaiting her signature.

Well, in the era of sinking ships, Jackie B and Michael’s ship is also in the ruins as Michael took a bow in Sunday’s eviction. And oh, bad ‘bitch Agartha’ alias Peace is also out of the game, we wish her well in her badder than bad ‘genging’ outside the house.

Meanwhile, Yousef, with his contentless and boring diary sessions remains in the house. Chai, dude wasn’t even on the bottom 6 list. Indeed, he really must be serving a living God whom we all need to look for and follow suit in serving him because, eeeiii. This kind of luck, we all need some. Go Yousef, Bollywood’s Will Smith.

Yousef (image via BBNaija)

The good news is, all housemates who were in this house before Sunday’s eviction have a secured VVIP pass to the One Africa Music Fest in Dubai following their dedication and enthusiasm towards the Pepsi challenge.

So all is not lost yet. Until the next vawulence unfolds, cheers.


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