6 Memes Money Heist Non-Watchers Will Relate To

Netflix recently released the new season for the suspense filled Money Heist show and there are spoilers all over social media from the avid watchers. If you haven’t watched it or you are trying to get into it because of the hype, here are 6 memes you will definitely relate to when you hear people talking about it.

  1. When the avid watchers of the show start comparing the “Professor” to Michael Scoffield in Prison Break or Raymond Reddington. Can you keep quiet? When Michael was planning Prison Break, your Professor was still in training school.

2. You will hear your friend talking about Tokyo and Nairobi meanwhile he has been living here with you in Alajo his whole life. What does he know about airports and flights when you have never seen him with a passport.

3. When you try to watch just one episode but the suspense is unreasonable to you because why are they stretching simple things? Why do so many complex things have to happen just for it to be solved? What’s the point? That is the reason why it has been running for as long as it has.

4. When You get distracted watching a movie while reading subtitles, and you also have other things to do while you are watching the movie, but you have to watch it in Spanish because twitter has convinced you that watching in English will somehow reduce the quality of the movie.

5. When your friend is an avid watcher and is trying to explain to you how the same people have done two robberies and they have still not been caught. Meanwhile the police knows their faces and all those involved.

If you can’t beat them, just join them.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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