5 Beautiful Men In The Ghanaian Music Scene That Ladies Drool Over

There are some men that when you even think of their faces especially the way they pose with their faces, you blush. These beautiful Ghanaian men are attractive, very handsome, and breathtakingly attractive. Beauty is subjective and so our list may not be the same as yours but let’s see who you agree with.

1. Joey B

You want a beautiful Ghanaian man? Just take a look at Joey B. From the face to the spec of a body. We know being handsome (or beautiful) isn’t just about the looks but also about the way you dress and carry yourself and Darryl does not miss.

Image via 1realjoeyb

2. King Promise

Image via iamkingpromise

He is so cute! And we don’t mean that in a bad way. We mean that in a “omgyouresocuteiwantyoutobemyboyfriend” kind of way if you catch our drift 🌚. Also, his voice adds a little something to the beautiful man mix. His voice always sounds like it has been coated in honey plus all his songs are so good!

3. Kidi

Kidi is that guy you’ve been spying through the corner of your eye because he’s so cute but you’re okay looking at him from a distance because nobody is actively throwing themselves at him. But then he takes his “beauty” up a notch and gets ripped, gets tattoos and dyes his hair showing you a different “bad” side of him that you cannot get enough of. Now you wish you had said something before the glorious glow up.

Image via kidimusic

4. Sarkodie

He always has a serious face on (not that we don’t like it) and so when he smiles at you, it’s different and it’s sweet and it’s special. Plus, he’s extremely talented so it adds to his beauty.

Image via Sarkodie

5. Gasmilla 

Another baldie on our list. First of all, that shows that he grooms himself well because he has to be at the barber’s every 2 to 3 days to shave off the new growth and so that’s a plus. Gasmilla has a whole vibe going on with his eyes that we can’t quite describe but if he looks at you the way he’s looking in the image below, are you sure your heart won’t skip a beat?🌚

Image via gasmillawins

Is your favourite in our list? Let us know in the comments section.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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