How Social Media Helped A Boy And His Cash-Strapped Family

Anthony and his mother. Photo credit: Abena Magis

Social media can do real damage, however, it can also do some real good and remind you that we still have our humanity.

Sometimes, it takes just one person to believe and start a chain of acts of kindness that changes one’s life.

Abena Magis, shared a photo of a letter a 9-year-old has written to ask for help for his family.

In the SOS letter, little Anthony shared that his father, who is a commercial car driver, is having financial problems fixing the commercial vehicle he uses to earn his livelihood. He also noted how his parents are willing to do anything just to get by and provide for him and his four other siblings.

After Abena shared the photo, good samaritans littered all over social media joined forces to help.

They raised the GHS 900 little Anthony’s father needs to fix his engine to get him back on the road.

However, people are not ending there, now his sister, who is in the senior high school and sells water to help with the family’s income is also getting help to achieve her dreams of pursuing medicine after high school.

Thanks to social media, this family is getting some form of help.


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