#ArtistsOfAfrica: 12 Ghanaian Artists You Should Be Following

Art by Cum_Binary

Life and its essence are manifested through art. Art helps us to express the highest form of our being while it also serves as a reminder of what was, before we even existed.

In recent years, artists in Ghana have been gaining providence. Galleries are opening up in the country and new platforms are opening up for artists to hon their crafts and earn a living.

The easiest way for artists to earn a living from their work is to gain recognition. Broad acceptance of their work increases the value of their art.

That is why it is essential for us to know those who are capturing the spirit of what is it means to be Ghanaian or African and celebrate their work.

One trend that came off social media recently is the Artists Of Africa trend where African artists try to gain some publicity for themselves and the work they do.

We have just put together a list of 10 Ghanaian artists who joined the trend.

  1. Cum Binary- he is does illustrations.

2. Hanson Akatti does illustrations with graphical elements.

3. He also loves to paint iconic cartoon characters.

4. Awuradwoa is a Costume Designer as well.


5. Alfred is a character designer.

6. He loves to paint “nice people.”

7. Jackie is a science student who moonlights as an artist.

8. Nessa is a background artist.

9. Zeno draws sometimes, but those “sometimes” are magic.

10. We love Kofi’s work.

11. We love that Sammy loves to make art.

12. Marcel is a photoshop artist.

These Ghanaian artists are doing awesome work.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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