6 Memes Single People Definitely Relate To

We are on a mission to push out the pandemic called single people because the world belongs to the people in relationship. Even God agrees, which is why he says to live and multiply. In order to do that, we need to push you out of your comfort zone by constantly bugging you. Here are 6 Memes you can relate to if you are single.

  1. Do you have an answer? Or you can explain? How many talking stages have you been in since January 2021? What have you got to show for it? Or we are being too loud?

2. If you are single and still broke, then it’s best to keep your heart to yourself. Relationships require you to catch flights and feelings, do you want to catch the feelings and leave the flight? What about anniversaries and birthdays? Is your pocket ready to sustain this lifestyle? What are you bringing to the table? Love? Please.

3. You have double tapped and commented on all your crush’s post but he/she has still not entered your dm. You have even started laughing at their dry jokes on twitter. Are you close to giving up? Hang in there, the sun will soon shine dear.

4. When your crush who doesn’t know he/she is your crush falls in love with someone else and starts tweeting and posting them on social media. The betrayal is unforgivable. How can you ignore all these signs?

5. This is what you spend your evenings doing. Plotting the next thing to say to your crush and the questions you can ask to keep the conversation going in the DMs. You are also noting that all the red flags he/she is tweeting about, because you can’t be caught slipping!

6. We all know you would love to be cuddled up too but you are here judging your friends because they have found love and you haven’t. Sorry child of God, carry on.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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