5 Things To Do When You Catch Your Partner Cheating

Ghanaian men and women never cheat. It is just the bad nut who have consumed too much foreign content that develop a few cheating tendencies. For that matter, we want to eliminate all cheating species because it is abnormal to the Ghanaian genetic. Here are things you can do when you catch your partner cheating.

1.Cheat Back.

You can avail yourself by force for God to use you to teach him/her a lesson. The only way to show a person the power of pepper is putting the same pepper into his/her eyes. You have to show your partner that you can also choose to move mad in the house. According to Aki Ola, two cheats cancel each other out.

2. Praying.

For many cheats, they say they don’t know what came over them. If your partner says this to you, you have to pray for him/her because the spirit can make him/her cheat again. The earlier you cast it out, the better for your relationship. You can also fast in addition to make sure the spirit never comes back.

3. Poison.

You have to ensure that you have all his/her account details before you do this. You cannot be broken hearted and broke too. After taking the bank and mobile money details, you can go ahead to poison your partner. Don’t think twice because if they can cheat on you, they can kill you so kill them first.

4. Be A Good Woman.

According to our elders, good women never carry last. You can choose to forgive your partner and rather work on yourself so you can be a better partner. You can start from cooking fresh meals for him/her everyday, cleaning their shoe as their walking and feeding them. If you give your partner all this love, what will him/her be looking for outside?

5. Send Squad To Beat Him/Her.

Some people only respond to the use of force. That is why when your partner cheats, you can organise people to beat them up. The pain will force that spirit of polygamy out of their system. If you can beat them yourself, please do because it takes a longer time for the spirit to feel pain when it is surrounded by people it doesn’t know.

Try these and your partner will stop cheating on you. You are welcome.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com.


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