5 Things No Girl Wants To Hear When You Just Started Texting

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Yeah, it’s exciting when you start talking to someone new. And it’s not your fault that as a guy that excitement sometimes leads you to say some of the stupidest shit imaginable. You know those things that seem like a good idea when you’re saying them but later you start wondering if it’s why she stopped talking to you? Yes, those things.

I Love You

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Bro, have you ever heard the phrase ‘playing it cool?’ Telling a girl you just started talking to that you love her is the opposite of that and there’s literally no benefit because she’s not going to believe you anyway. Just relax, take it slow and see how things go.

Basically Anything Overly Sexual

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If you’re texting and things take a sexual turn … yay! As long as it happens naturally and it’s exciting for the both of you that’s alright, but when you try too forcefully to steer the conversation in that direction it’s a turn-off.

Why Aren’t You Answering Me?

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Chances are, that if the conversation’s boring, she’s going to dip. The last thing you want to do when that happens is getting aggressive and asking her why she’s not answering. That’s a huge red flag you might not be able to come back from. Instead, just give her some space and try again later.

Where Do You Want To Go?

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When you get to the point where it’s finally time to ask her out, it’s on you as the guy to make plans. You’re obviously paying, so why not just tell her that you want to take her to this or this place (according to your budget) instead of coming off as indecisive? And you can always go to zubzz.com if you’re having trouble picking a place.

Come If You Want

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Many Twitter rants have been composed about this phrase. Girls do not like hearing ‘come if you want,’ because it implies you don’t care either way. And when things are new, she would prefer you show a little more enthusiasm about spending time with her.

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