These Red Flag Tweets Will Make Your Weekend

Meme. Credit: sociallysorted

You know when you meet with your friends to gossip about your new significant other and all of them warn you about something but you refuse to listen to them.

Better still, your intuition could be telling you something is wrong.

All those are the red flags you should not be ignoring and taking for granted. It’s hard doing this relationship thing but being able to spot redflags will go a long way of helping you prevent getting unnecessary heartbreak.

However, in a very social media way, folks had to joke about red flags an we must admit some are quite hilarious.

Bobrisky is minding her business

Not PRESEC boys again…

Sis is being careful

Who doesn’t know what a red flag is?

Fiifis and Nanas better come and explain

Why must he post his girlfriend?

This is ridiculous

Sis is living in 2001

We agree

Sis face card was declined…lol

The key thing is red flags are real and we must learn to pay attention to them.


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