Tell Us Your Kind Of Makeup And We Will Tell You The Kind Of Guy To Date

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Do you stick to one makeup brand or you just get anything?

For an entire year, you must only use one of these makeup products. Which do you choose?

What kind of makeup look would you go for on a first date?

What type of outfit will make a guy swoon over you?

What type of nail design would you show off at a party?

How is your skincare routine like?

What type of colours do you gravitate towards for your eyeshadow application?

The Romantic Sweetheart

Your makeup routine involves the colour red which is symbolic of a romantic personality. You deserve someone on the same wavelength. Someone charming and romantic who will always be all over you.
The Committed Man

You like to stick to the makeup brands and techniques that have worked for you. You're a loyal person and you deserve someone who's committed and loyal to you.
The Really Cool Guy

You love cool colours. You're a fun loving type of girl and so you deserve a cool guy to match your vibe. someone who has a killer fashion sense and has great hair or beard. Someone who is really smart and knows what's trendy and cool.
The Funny Guy

You like to play with colours and so we figure you'll pair well with a funny guy. You're both creative and love to have fun.

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