Paul Ninson: 8 Things To Know About The Ghanaian Raising Funds To Build A Photo Centre In Ghana

Paul Ninson (image via Facebook/Humans Of New York)

Paul Ninson, a Ghanaian photographer, has caught the attention of the world after his inspiring story was shared by Humans of New York.

Ninson got into photography as a means of survival, and now, he is working to build a photography centre in Ghana called ‘Dikan’, which means ‘to take the lead’ in the Asante-Twi dialect.

He intends Dikan to be a place where upcoming Ghanaian and African photographers can learn photography skills from renowned photographers.

Paul Ninson’s proposed Dikan Photography Centre (image via Facebook/Humans Of New York)

The centre will also provide upcoming photographers with resources that are not easily accessible in Africa.

Paul Ninson has so far collected 30,000 books for the library. He has also raised $750,000 to fund the project from crowdfunding.

You can also help Paul Ninson build Dikan by contributing via this link:

Here are 8 things you should know about Paul Ninson:

1. He was born in Kumasi, Ashanti Region

2. He is an alumnus of Kumasi Academy

Paul Ninson had his senior high education at Kumasi Academy from 2005-2008, where he studied Visual Arts.

He later returned to Kumasi Academy for his National Service, where he served as a Textiles and Caligraphy teacher.

Paul Ninson (image via Facebook/Humans Of New York)

3. He is an alumnus of KNUST

Paul Ninson studied for a bachelor of science degree in Industrial Arts at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) from 2009 and 2013.

During his time at KNUST, he was a member of the SRC executive; he was the Commissioner of Clubs and Societies.

4. He attended the International Center of Photography (New York)

Paul Ninson studied Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism at the International Center of Photography, New York, where he was awarded The Director’s Fellowship and the George Moss Merit Scholarship.

He was also a teaching assistant in Photo Editing at the International Center of Photography.

Paul Ninson (image via Facebook/Humans Of New York)

5. He is a self-taught photographer

Paul Ninson started his photography career four years ago as a medium of expression and to make money to take care of his daughter whom he had with his girlfriend at the age of 20.

6. He is a versatile photographer and filmmaker

Paul Ninson is skilled in photo editing, video storytelling, documentary, and photojournalism.

Paul Ninson (image via Facebook/Humans Of New York)

7. He has travelled across for photography projects

Paul Ninson has travelled across Africa, working on personal projects including Umoja Woman – “Village with No Men”, Culture According Africans, WWII Veterans, Where Education Is Free, and “Dipo: Rite of Passage”.

8. He has also worked for a number of non-profit organizations, and agencies in parts of Africa and the USA.


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