8 Twitter Features That Every Content Creator Should Know

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Twitter has a whole lot of features. Most of them you don’t really need to know about in your everyday use. If you’re a content creator, however, some of these features can be game-changing for you. Here’s a look at some of the uncommon features that Twitter has, that can come in clutch at times.

1. Adding Multiple Tweets

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If you wanted to create a thread on Twitter, you can send out a tweet and then reply to yourself. However, you can also create threads (and more easily) by typing in some text in the new tweet pop-up, and then clicking the plus sign that appears at the bottom. Do this to add as many tweets as you want.

2. Get Twitter Analytics

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If you’re a content creator, you want to know how well our tweets are doing, how many followers you’re getting and a whole host of other metrics that will help you know how well you’re doing. Luckily, Twitter has a tool for that. Just make sure you’re logged in to Twitter in your browser and then go to analytics.twitter.com.

3. Use The Twitter Advanced Search

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Instead of scrolling through days of your own tweets looking for one, in particular, you should just use the Twitter Advanced Search. It allows you to search through tweets and provides so many options for narrowing down and finding what you’re looking for.

4. Make Some Unfollow You Without Them Knowing

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There are situations where you don’t want to make your account private, but you also don’t want a particular person following you. A quick hack is to block that person and then unblock them. They would no longer be following you, and they would have no idea anything had happened.

5. Use Bookmarks

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As a content creator, this is a feature that you should know about, but in case you didn’t, you can save tweets for later by using bookmarks. Make sure you don’t lose that important inspo tweet. You can access your saved tweets via the bookmark tab on the side bar.

6. Schedule Tweets

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You can easily create and schedule your Twitter content for later from the new tweet pop-up. Just click on new tweet and then click on the clock/calendar icon to schedule that tweet for later. This makes batch creating content so much easier.

7. Choosing Who Can Reply

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As a content creator, you can’t avoid trolls. Or can you? Twitter allows you to choose who can reply to your tweets. And everyone else just can’t. This allows you to control who you’re getting input from.

8. All The Keyboard Shortcuts

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You can speed up your content creation process on Twitter simply by learning a few handy keyboard shortctus. And here’s the best part, Twitter put all of the in one place https://twitter.com/i/keyboard_shortcuts.

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