7 Memes That Scream #TGIF

Human beings are different in taste and in opinions but if you organise a world survey you will find that we all have one thing in common. We LOVE FRIDAYS! Here are 7 memes that perfectly describe our excitement when Friday approaches.

  1. You being ready to shoot Thursday in the head at 4:50pm but your boss comes in and says it’s going to be a long day and you will be closing at 6 pm.

2. Not you trying to do the work fast fast and being extra helpful because you want to deceive your boss into closing you so your weekend can come.

3. You finally get the go ahead and you are allowed to go home and start your weekend. Not you begging because you never thought it will over.

4. This is you looking for all the hotspots to visit this weekend because you are about to drain the enjoyment out of this weekend. Hold on tight dear.

5.You thinking of the monthly report you have to submit on Monday morning versus your future self returning from all these hangouts and knowing it will end in tears but We move!

6. You at all the parties this weekend because Man shall not live by bread alone and that’s on King David.

7. You returning home on Sunday evening and realising it’s 3:20 am and it’s already Monday.



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