5 Of The Biggest Scams Society Has Accepted

When you really deep some of the things going on in the world, you start to ask questions. Why do we pay for land if technically, we came to meet it and it doesn’t actually belong to any of us? Why do women have to pay for necessities like sanitary pads when it’s not even our fault that we bleed every month? We’ve compiled 5 of what we think are some of the biggest scams society has accepted.

1. Being born without consent

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Really deep it. You were sitting your somewhere in the Universe and then all of a sudden you’re being yanked out of someone in a place called earth. Now you have to go to school where your intelligence level is tested for over 15 years of your life and after that, you are supposed to find work to do and fend for yourself. For what reason??!! If you’re not born to well-to-do parents then you know you’re f*cked because you have to put 110% more into everything you decide to do. The absolute ghetto!!

2. Getting a degree

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Why? Because the majority of the time, your degree isn’t really needed for certain jobs. Most jobs will teach you what you need to know once you’re employed. The degree in itself is usually so full of theory that if you’re placed in a practical environment, you will have no choice but to unlearn a LOT of things and start everything afresh. The degree is nowadays just that. A degree.

3. Paying for sight

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We did not ask to be visually impaired. Why do you have to pay so much as just “consultation fee”, pay for frames and then now pay for the lens to be fixed?? Why? Who did we offend in this life? We did not make ourselves this way!

4. When you die, your debt doesn’t die with you

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For some reason, society has accepted that when one person owes someone something, someone who has no idea about anything going on should be the one to pay even though the original debtor is dead. How is that nows someone else’s headache??

5. Paying for Pads/tampons

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You know how some pharmacies and people share free condoms and birth control? Sanitary products should be added to the list. Why should we pay to be women meanwhile you choose to have sex? Make it make sense.

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