Twitter Recasts The Lion King With Ghanaian Actors And The Accuracy Is Too Funny

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There’s a lot of acting talent in Ghana, and sometimes you just have to sit and wonder, ‘what if Ghanaian actors were cast as the Lion King characters?’ It goes without saying that our actors have the range to body those roles, but who plays which character exactly? Check out these accurate actor/character pairings.

Nah. This Person Is Definitely On To Something

Clemento Suarez As Zazu? Take My Money Now, Please

Van Vicker And Jackie Appiah Have All The Experience Playing An Iconic Couple

😂😂😂 We Need This Lion King Remake ASAP!

10/10 Casting. Someone Call Disney Please 😭

Come To Think Of It Nana Ama McBrown As Nala Makes A Lot Sense Too

Bernard Nyarko Would Eat As Mufasa. God Rest His Soul

What do you think? Which Ghanaian actors would you cast in the Lion King? Leave a comment below.



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