The Jordan Ayew To Barcelona Deadline Day Prank That Went Viral

Jordan Ayew plays as a striker for Crystal Palace (image via Sky Sports)

While managers of various European Football clubs were hurriedly getting their deals through before the summer transfer window, people were also being mischievous on social media.

Traditionally, on deadline day, a lot of deals are announced. Some very surprising, some stinking of a last-minute attempt to save the impending season of doom, and some a clear message of going hard at every opposing team they come across.

This year, Barcelona was really fighting to balance its books rather than trying to get the best players as a show of force for the 2021/2022 season.

That is why they offloaded some of their star players to other teams such as Atletico Madrid and PSG.

While they signed other players who would cost relatively less, such as Memphis Depay, Sergio Aguero and Eric Garcia.

Ghanaians also got the ‘news’ that Jordan Ayew has also been signed by Barcelona.

The creative announcing Jordan Ayew’s “signing” with Barcelona.

This creative was a prank leaked online to tease Ghanaian Barcelona fans about how their team has fallen from grace.

Though the prank is unhealthy for Jordan Ayew, it did get some laughs.

Jordan receiving the shocking news from Twitter.

It ended in tears.

Doing the sad happy cry.

Lol. It wasn’t that deep.

The prank went over the head.

This deadline day prank really got people in their feelings.


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