The 5 Stages Of Your Loc Journey You Should Know About

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If you’re interested in the world of locs, you need to be armed with the necessary information before you take that huge step. In reality, locs and the process of locking the hair requires maintenance, patience, and a great deal of know-how. It’s not just about leaving the hair to do its own thing. Typically, there are 5 stages of the loc journey. For some people, the beginning and end stages are much easier to handle as compared to the middle stages.

1. Starter/baby stage

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On average, you can stay in the starter locs stage from 3 to 6 months but this is dependent on a couple of things, such as your hair type and how fast your hair grows. In this stage, your locs are characterized by a lot of frizziness and swelling. Your hair will start to stick or matte together at the tops of your coils after shampooing. It’s extremely important that you cleanse your locs often to avoid product build-up. After washing your locs, it may look as if your locs are unravelling but it’s just because of the stage you’re at.

2. Budding stage

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This happens usually between the 6th and 12th months of your locs journey. At this stage, you’ll notice that your new growth looks puffy. Also, now when you wash your hair, it doesn’t unravel. Now that you have new growth, you can have a retwist routine to maintain your locs. At this stage, your hair has now begun to actually loc and so the strands are supposed to be kept intact. You don’t need to retwist every time you notice new growth as over manipulation can lead to thinning and breakage

3. Teenage stage

Locs In the Teenage Stage
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At this stage, you would be probably wondering what at all is going on with your hair as the locs start to get a little “rebellious”. This stage is usually 12-18 months into your journey. For some people, at this point, the locs are just too short to lie down easily. They may seem to sprout all over your head and go in whatever direction they want. 

4. Mature

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Depending on the texture of your hair, the mature stage could begin as early as 1 year after beginning your journey. Looser hair textures often take longer. You know your locs have reached the matured stage when you see that they lie flat against the scalp, and hang down. You don’t have to reform the locs because they don’t unravel anymore and now they have a firm shape.

5. Adult/rooted stage

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This is usually after 18 months. By this point, you should have a loc routine you’re following. Don’t leave your hair without washing it.


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