Ladies! 5 Things To Say When A Guy You’re Not Interested In Hits On You

Every lady has been here before. Guys will consistently hit on you until you have no choice than to give them your number or give in into going out with them but we’ve found foolproof ways to end the conversation. NB: Right after making these statements, you need to walk away and not engage them any further otherwise you’ll still end up giving them your number.

1. “I just decided to give my life to Christ”

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If he doesn’t seem to understand ask him if he’s a born again Christian and ask when last he attended church. Turn the conversation around and start talking about church stuff. At the end of the day, you’ll still not give your number out and you probably would have won a soul for Christ. It’s a win-win.

2. “I am giving myself a year to find myself”


I need to know why I was brought to this earth. I’m still struggling with who I am and still figuring myself out. I’m just not ready yet.

3. “I’m focusing on my studies”

After all, that’s why my parents are paying fees. There’s no extra time to do anything else outside the million and one things I have to do to secure my first class.

4. “I’m in the middle of a breakup”

Yup! So wait. If everything is sorted maybe something can happen between us… or not.

5. “I just broke up”


I’m emotionally unavailable for the things you want. Currently, I’m part of the leaders of the Men Are Trash movement and so your gender isn’t even helping your case.

The key to not being bamboozled into agreeing to entertain them is to not smile and give these responses with a straight face and leave immediately. Don’t give them a chance to try to convince you. Even if they decide to follow you, don’t say a word. When they’re tired, they’ll leave you alone.


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