Every Reason Why Being Single Is Good For Your Pocket

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A lot of people like to rave about how great being in a relationship is and basically treat being single like it’s a crime but we know the truth. Being single is and has always been better for everyone’s pocket. Nobody likes to admit it but that’s the truth staring right at us. If you play your cards right, being single can make you rich.

1. Every road trip is for just one person

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Think about it. If you’re in a relationship, you would have to think about transportation for 2 people, accommodation for 2 and feeding for 2. When you’re alone, you will always find a way to even reduce the amount you’ll spend or better still, you won’t go at all until you’re ready financially.

2. Food for one is always cheaper

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If you always have to buy food for your partner each time they come over, that means you may even be spending up to GHS 100 including delivery every time. In this Ghanaian economy?? That’s too much. If you’re single, you can starve yourself till whenever and then get one meal that will sort you out for the day. Life is pretty straightforward when single.

3. No pricey dates

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Whether on those dates you end up paying for half or the full amount, this time, you don’t have to. You can go on dates with yourself in your own home so you don’t spend too much. Point is, you don’t have date night headaches.

4. No expensive gifts

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Every year, you have the burden of topping up what you did the previous year which means that you’ll keep spending more money on Val’s Day, birthdays and even anniversaries. Single pringles don’t have that problem.

5. You have more time to focus on your side hustle

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Relationships are great and all but if we are being honest with ourselves, we would admit that they take too much time and effort. If you hang out with your partner 3 times a week, more than half of the time, you’re expected to keep your focus on them so it doesn’t seem like you’re all about work or school. When single, you have time to focus on your work and even grow your side business which will put extra money in your pocket.

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