#DeadlineDay: Twitter Adds The Flavour To The Football Game Of Checkers

Cristiano Ronaldo (image via AS)

At exactly 11 pm on the night of August 31, 2021, Europe closed its summer transfer window for footballers.

The European transfer window is a specific period in the year during which football clubs in Europe can buy and sell players. This process is completed by registering a player as part of a team’s playing squad through FIFA.

While the deadline time is approaching, various clubs reach deals that will see them buy or secure players on loans as a means of strengthening their teams for the season ahead.

This year’s summer transfer window saw two of the biggest footballers in the world move teams. Forced to move due to financial considerations, Messi left Barcelona with tears in his eyes and joined PSG in France. While Cristiano Ronaldo also left Juventus and went back home to Manchester United.

Romelu Lukaku also went back to Chelsea while a lot of other players also moved from one club to the other. Some were on loan and others signed to multiple-year deals.

While the game of checkers was being played in Europe, Ghanaians, who have a strong affinity to some of the European clubs were also watching on and providing commentary.

  1. Barcelona in financial trouble

2. Arsenal does need some fresh blood

3. Did Chelsea win this year’s summer transfer window game?

Now that the transfer season has closed, it’s time to see how that translate into Champions league and country-specific national league success.

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