Can’t Figure Out Why You’re Not Growing On Twitter? Maybe …

Happy Young woman. Photo credit: Pexels

Twitter is notoriously one of the hardest platforms to grow on, and if you’re struggling to grow your Twitter account, it might be because you’re doing one of the following things wrong. These Twitter don’ts are the things that give people the ick when it comes to your profile or stops them from just hitting the follow button.

Your Profile Isn’t Sending A Single Message

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When you appear on someone’s timeline, they’ll check your profile and then decide whether to follow you or not. So if your profile picture, your banner, your name and your bio are all over the place and that person can’t really tell what your account is supposed to be, it might be hard for them to give you a follow.

You’re Always Making Spelling Mistakes

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Well, Twitter is the words platform, so unless you’re constantly posting thirst traps, it’s going to be hard to rack a following if your tweets are always filled with typos. And we all know there’s no edit button, so just read through your next tweet before you hit send.

You Let Your Account Go Silent For Long Periods

Photo by Cristian Dina from Pexels

The way you get noticed on Twitter is by tweeting and by interacting with tweets. If you’re not starting conversations or talking to people then it’s going to be hard for anyone to notice your account. You need to tweet/reply more so people get an idea of who’s actually behind the account.



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