6 Questions Your Boss Makes You Feel It’s Illegal To Ask

Ghanaian employers and older people in general live in a bubble of extreme respect. How dare you ask your elder to push for you to sit down? Instead wait for them to read your mind and do it by themselves. It’s worse in the job industry because if you don’t stand your ground you will work for free. Check out these questions you definitely can’t ask your boss without feeling like it’s a crime.

1. Asking For A Raise.

You have been working two roles now in the same department and the salary still remains the same. Other times you may have been working with the same company for years and still your salary barely covers transport. Do you want to take a chance and ask for raise? Or we should go to Hebrews??

2. Asking for your salary which has delayed.

Ghanaian employers will make you feel like you have killed someone when you ask about your salary which has been delayed for over 3 months. Boss why? Haven’t you heard that fuel prices increase everyday? How are you ordering expensive food from plush restaurants but I’ve not been paid and you see me eating gob3 everyday? Do you not have shame? Please pay me.

3. Refusing To Stay Late.

It’s 5pm on Friday and you have planned to de-stress with your squad. Out of nowhere comes your boss with extra things for you to do, which you know you have to finish this evening. Will you tell him you want to go and drink Moet and pour Hennessy on your Rolex?

4. Refusing To Work on Weekends.

Your boss has a habit of calling you on weekends concerning work you can definitely do on Monday. Why is he/she calling Saturday evening when you are dressing up to go out? Can you ask? Will you reject the call? Or will you call your friends and cancel your plans because it’s going to be a long night.

You while you are doing the work by force.

5. Refusing To Go On Unofficial Errands.

A whole graduate and yet all you are in the office is an errand boy. From buying waakye to going to the market for your boss’ home. You didn’t get a first class in Economics to be treated like this, but can you say no? Just go ahead and roll up your white sleeves before the palm oil from the beans stains your shirt dear.

6. Asking for an advance.

Even the salary they are owing you, they have not paid. What makes you think they will give you an advance dear? Be calming down.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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