6 Places You Can Find The LOYL According To Movies

We at Kuulpeeps conducted a survey and realised that majority of our readers are heavily gnashing. The only companion you have ever known is your pillow and we know you want to change that.

So, we consulted a few movie stars and learned that you have to make love happen for yourself. You cannot stay in the house and expect Mr. Right/ Proverbs 31 to find you. Here are places you should visit if you want your gnashing to end.

1. Other people’s Relationship.

Before you get any wrong ideas, we do not promote stealing here. We are simply asking that you politely tell the person holding your future, to kindly let go. As it is, they are wasting each other’s time by doing couple goals. All you need to do is ask.

2. Libraries.

If your first instinct was to ask whether people go to libraries anymore, then you are responsible for your loneliness. Someone is trying to help you, you are asking questions.

You don’t need to go and pick a book to form scholar. All you need to do is find a library close to you, locate the person you want to marry and ask them to tell you about the book they are reading. If you take a book you can’t read, you will disgrace yourself.

3. Restaurants.

You are always saying “there is rice at home.” You never take yourself out to a nice place to eat. Are your mates in relationship having two heads? You can’t just go and pick anything off the menu waiting for love to locate you. The secret is to order something expensive, because else will you know if this is going to be a “Baecation” relationship or a “Aww eat for me” relationship?

4. Other People’s Wedding.

If your friends in relationships are not getting married, push them into it by force because they are responsible for your happiness. When all else fails, you need to free your Saturdays and Sundays to go wedding hunting. Dress nice, look sharp and enter anyone’s wedding. Resist the urge to join the buffet queue, you are looking for love, not fupa. You can leave with the groom/bride as well, you may be saving them from a huge mistake.

5. Night Clubs.

This is very tricky because if you mix alcohol with the dark lights, you can lose focus. We advice that you stay sober and alert to grab your future Mr./Mrs. Don’t forget to ask the men “is someone married to you” because these people will say anything to get in your dross.

6. Parties.

This place has the highest success rate because of the variety of people there. If you stay in your house every night, even your cat will dump you. Do you not see the scenes where two people meet at a party and fall in love? On your feet! Your crush is probably the one sitting alone on a table.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com.


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