5 Unrivalled Moments In The University That We Live For

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Life at uni has its ups and downs. The downs, of course, being the tedious coursework, group projects that only two people show up for and the fact that you have to walk halfway across a gigantic campus simply because you’re broke. All that aside, there are some moments in the university that bring fulfilment and instantly make you feel like your life is worth living.

When You Finish An Assignment And Close All Your Tabs

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If you’ve been procrastinating starting that assignment for over a week, and all of a sudden you realize that the deadline is too close and it’s impossible to make it, but you still have to look sharp and work on it. And then you actually make the deadline, and it’s time to close all the tabs … that’s one of the best feelings in uni.

When Your 7:30am Lecture Gets Cancelled

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I speak for all students everywhere when I say 7:30 am lectures are the worst. So imagine if you’re already struggling to get out of bed and you get a message from the class group saying that the lecture has been cancelled. Even if you do go back to sleep, you’ll be smiling the whole time.

When You Guess In An Exam And Everyone Says Your Answer Was Right

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Nobody remembers when the law was passed, but yes, if you don’t know an answer in an exam you have to guess. And it hits different when a guess you thought was a long shot actually turns out to be right. You didn’t want to discuss the paper after but now look at you celebrating the answer you got right.

When You Get Back From Lectures And Your Roommates Cooked

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Getting back from lectures and realizing that your roommates cooked is a top unrivalled feeling. Figuring out what to eat in the university is stressful as hell, especially after a day of back to back lectures. So your roommates cooking and leaving you a portion is always a reason to be excited.

When You Bring Someoone Over And Your Roommates Excuse Themselves

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There are some people who can’t read the room to save their lives (or deliberately refuse to) so if you have roommates who will excuse you when you have company, that’s a blessing you can’t appreciate enough.

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