6 Types Of Debtors You Should Never Lend Money To

This is definitely the article you need to ginger you into asking for your money. We intend to push you into asking for it because we have heard all your prayers. One thing you would learn the hard way is that, family and friends will never pay what they owe you. Has your mother given you all the money she “kept” for you? Or you can explain. Check out these debtors and their audacity.

  1. The Chop Life Debtor.

Have you had to eat your rice and shito for a whole month because you are managing and yet the person who has borrowed your 3k is roaming in expensive restaurants and captioning their pictures with “WE OUTSIDE?” If not then you don’t know what will heartbreak is. This person is owing you, but he/she is living their best life and they still haven’t said when they will give you your money.

2. The Ghoster.

You can lend someone money and just to get them to pay you, you have to turn into an FBI agent. These people will take your money and ghost you. Now you are tracing their roots through your mutuals like a policeman. You go as far as finding their house but he/she is never at home. How will you get your money now? They will appear when they are ready to pay.

3. The Defiant Debtor.

There are people who know all the right things to say and do to convince you to lend them money. Even if you want them to lie on the floor for you, they will. They are extremely humble in your presence. However, once they get the money, a spirit comes upon them and they forget all their home training. They are the ones who can beat their chest and tell you to calm down else they won’t pay. Ei. They probably used your money to buy the audacity from the market because how??

4. The Susu Debtor.

These people were sent by the devil to make sure you die in your poverty. How can you lend someone 10k and they will be paying in bits like they are doing susu? He/she will bring 100gh today, 50gh tomorrow and so on, and we both know there is no way you will save that money, so you end up spending it. Before you know it he/she has cleared their debt but you have absolutely nothing to show for it because sika no ashi.

5. The Surprise Debtor.

On some days you get a mobile money alert and think it the miracle money you prayed for, then Kofi will text to ask if you have got the money. It’s been 2 years bro, how are you now paying this money?? Money you have already forgotten about? Anyway, thank you boss.

6. The Guilty Co Debtor.

One thing about borrowing money is that you need to be shameless. If you are going to borrow money and you have conscience then you are in the wrong line of work. These debtors will not let you have piece of mind. Unless you don’t post about being broke, they will text you and accuse you of telling everyone they owe you. Like bro? How did I even call your name?

It is not their fault, their body is itching them because they haven’t paid you.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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