5 Types Of Personnel At The Beginning Of National Service

All too soon the freedom to choose between wanting to do Mondays or just hitting pause has come to an end. We hope you drained the enjoyment out of it, because where you are heading to is a no-go area. Before you head out into the corporate world, you have to prepare yourself for the different personalities you will meet. Check them out and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

  1. The Post-Kaya No-Post.

This personnel is going to come in and make you feel lazy. From the orientation you can spot these type of people easily. They are the ones going to be asking questions and taking notes as if there is going to be an exam on how to be the best NSS personnel. Don’t worry your head, give them a month or two and they will be the ones missing work.

2. Protocol Babies.

If you didn’t network in university, this is your chance to target these people because they are the jackpot you need to make it in life. They usually start the NSS a little later than everyone yet all the officials know them by name. It is always a “how is your mother”, “greet your father for me” and so on. Brace yourself to do their work for them because they actually can’t be bothered.

3. The Corporate Dresser.

Do not beat yourself up when you see one of your colleagues dressed in a full three piece suit, holding a briefcase while you are wearing a long sleeve shirt and trousers. If you try to follow the crowd, Instagram stores will rubbish your 559 into coins. These type of people dress like the CEO’s of the establishment. Sometimes, even the CEO gets confused and has to check if he has been demoted. You will soon realize that all the dressing is for the gram and NSS Positions.

4. The Entrepreneur.

If you are looking to be retained, this person cannot be your friend. You have to make a conscious effort to stay aware. These people usually have a side gig that is bringing them more money than the allowance. Hence, they do not respect the rules of the job. They will not even show up for orientation so look out for them days after service has begun.

5. The Know It All.

You are barely one day into your service but there is this person who acts like an employee of the institution. He / She would know where all administrative materials are, where the best food joints are, the office of particular officials and they will keep talking when the real employees are showing you the ropes. Will you keep quiet??

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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