4 Hacks That Will Make Your Instagram Stories That Much Better

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Instagram stories have so much more potential than most of us realize. And to be honest, that’s Instagram’s fault because some of these features, you would never figure out unless someone told you. There’s so much potential to be creative and make engaging posts for your audience. Here are the hacks that are going to help you make that happen.

Change Your Instagram Story Background Color

Changing your Instagram story background colour is really simple. Well, simple once you know how, anyway. To change the background colour of your story, just tap the draw tool (the squiggly line at the top right of the stories screen). After that, you can choose any colour from the bottom of your screen (or even use the colour dropper tool to pick a colour from your image). Once you have a colour, just tap and hold your post for a few seconds and the background will change.

If you’re sharing a post from your feed, the background behind the post will change leaving the post on top. If you’re creating a new story though, the background will be on top of your new post. You can then reveal the post behind the background using the eraser tool (you can even erase creatively to tease just enough of an image).

Get More Colours For Your Story

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Whenever you’re creating a story, Instagram gives you access to a default palette of colours, but sometimes there just isn’t a colour that you want. If that’s the case, you can create your own colour. Just open the draw tool and you’ll see the default colours appear at the bottom of the screen. Instead of tapping to select a colour, press and hold. This will open the colour slider and allow you to choose the exact colour that you want.

Add Effects To Your Emojis

Image via Kuulpeeps

Sometimes you just want the emojis that you use in a story to have some flair to match the story you’ve made. Well, there’s a way to do that. Just open the text tool and then choose an emoji. Now select the emoji and choose a different font. Each font comes with a distinct effect for your emoji.

Shedule Your Story Posts With Later

Photo by Plann from Pexels

Although Instagram stories will end up being randomly put together most of the time, having a plan for your stories can affect how they’re received. By creating and sharing your stories with Later, you’ll be able to visualize how your stories are going to be appear. That way you can be less random and create something engaging for your followers.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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