10 Tweets About This Year’s NSS Postings That We Can All Relate To

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When the now explained faux 2021/2022 National Service postings were “released” a lot of final year students were understandably shocked about where they were posted to.

As required by law, Ghanaians who have had any form of tertiary education are expected to serve the country for a year, where they are posted to various institutions to serve the country to serve while receiving an allowance.

Every year, when the postings are released, it becomes a big topic of conversation among young people who are curious to know where destiny has taken some of their friends or which of their friends have proven to have the big connections.

The thing is, where you have been posted can determining your career path or whether you will become the General Secretary of the Unemployed Graduates Association after 12 months.

This brings about the hilarious euphoria surrounding the whole thing.

Each year, folks go to town with their NSS posting jokes and this year they didn’t disappoint.

Although we now know that the actual postings have not been released, it didn’t stop people from opening the NSS jokes vault and letting it out on the timeline.

Boys already dey work.


It’s a game of Lotto.

People got issues to address.

Connections, connections, connections.

When the connection doesn’t come through.

LOL… Not Nogokpo.

Government institution is not bad, or we should go to heblews?

Go help the future leaders or?


Baptism by clay.

NSS is a rite of passage for every Ghanaian. It’s Kofi today, tomorrow it will be Ama.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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