Why Sucking Up During NSS Could Be The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself According To 3 People

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Earlier this week, the National Service Secretariat released the positing for the 2021/2022 service year.

The posting of the new national service persons comes while most of them are still writing their end of semester exam due to the strike action undertaken by the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG).

This means that when the final years are done with their exam in September, they will have little time off to start their national service, which normally starts in September.

This even makes this post even more necessary since you will need all the help you can get to survive the next 12 months and more importantly set you up for what comes after your 12 months of national service.

Whenever the service year is coming to an end, there is despair as many do not know whether they will be maintained or not.

Sometimes, there is really nothing you can do, the company may genuinely not have the finance to offer you employment, however, there are instances where they needed to trust that you are a good hire.

To help you navigate this, we spoke with a few people who have gone through their national service and were maintained at their workplace.


I did my national service in 2010 with a real estate company after studying Land Economy at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. I didn’t know much about the company before i started, however, two months in, I knew I wanted to stay there after national service. So I did my best of making sure that I was always helpful to my CEO. Though I was in operations, I also tried to bring in a few deals by talking up the company at my church, talking to the parents of some of my friends and others. I knew that if I at least bring them business I could get a chance and I did.


The beginning of NSS was very difficult for me. I was on errands. Go and tell this person to bring me this. Go tell this person to come see me in my office. Thankfully, my errands had nothing to do with buying waakye and porridge, but I wasn’t doing real work either. I was supposed to be doing accounting yet I wasn’t doing any. Thankfully for me, one of the accountants fell ill when auditors were coming in. Then I had to step up. Yes, I had a lot to learn in the real world, but I helped my boss and he saw value in me.


I am just finishing my service at a private hospital. I am in the procurement and stores department. When I arrived, it was a department of one – just my boss. So I knew if I prove myself, I could get a job. I helped her introduce a new stock keeping system that was integrated into the systems of the various departments – pharmacy, emergency, lab and others. Whenever they need something, instead of walking down to our office and filling a notebook, they could do it from their own offices and they will know when to expect it. Like our little online shop that comes with delivery. It was a lot of work for my department and now they know I can’t go and leave her alone. Even if a new service person comes in, it will take some getting used to. Last Friday, I got an offer letter.

Basically, find a way to be useful to your boss or even to the company in general. It might mean doing a little extra from your assigned duties. That by the way, is the best way to suck up to your boss and ensure that at least you get a contract after NSS. If they won’t maintain you, then at least, it was not because you are not a good employee, but it’s totally due to their own financial inability to offer you employment.

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