University Of Ghana Makes Examination Provisions For Students Who Contract COVID-19

The Balme Library, University Of Ghana

Final year students and freshmen of the University of Ghana are currently writing their end of semester exam for the second semester of the 2020/2021 academic year.

Disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent strike action by the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG), the end of semester exam has been delayed for almost a month.

Though the strike action is no longer a threat to the exam, the COVID-19 pandemic still is.

While the exam is ongoing, students who contract COVID-19 or go into quarantine after coming into contact with infected persons and cannot continue to write the exams have been given an opportunity.

Legon has asked the students to request to defer their exams until the next opportunity and they will be allowed to write the exam at no additional cost.

The affected students are, however, expected to send a request with a medical report and a list of the affected papers to the academic affairs directorate via [email protected].

However, if you have been infected by the virus and can still write the exam as scheduled, then you can request to be accommodated at the University Hospital to undertake the onsite second-semester exam.

If you want to be accommodated for the onsite exam then click here to fill this form.


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